A bit about how I got started. 

In the spring of 2010 I had decided to go back to school without much of an idea of what I wanted to do, but a very clear resignation that my life choices sucked and I needed some change. One of the requirements for my generals was to take a fine art class and as it so happened the college I was going to offered metal sculpture as a course. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about basic metal shaping (largely to help me make car panels for an old junker I was working on), and fulfill a class requirement at the same time!

It’s tough to describe how my life changed after that one class. I decided to create my first piece for myself, and make it something that I thought I would enjoy forever. Over the course of that semester I came to the realization that making metal art was what I truly loved doing, and that this was my element.

Making metal art full time has become a reality. Now I live to make custom pieces of metal art that will endure for generations.



Well, I have 2 boys (Ethan and Dean) that like to make me crazy. I have a pretty wife that likes to run a lot and I make her crazy. I also have a Hot Rod addiction that’s only rivaled by my Star Wars addiction. I’m rarely seen without a bandana on my head, and it’s because I have a shiny bald spot and I burn easily! I love good beer and try to sample the local micro-brews when I travel. I also love my community, and work to support local businesses when I have the option to do so. I’m not really politically affilitated though I do take interest in politics, more to vote for good ideas rather than a specific party. I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps infantry, and was a Sergeant when I left in 2000. I live in Gilbert, Arizona which is about 45 minutes southeast of Phoenix, (or 30 minutes if you drive like the locals). Someday I’d like to live in New Zealand and if I have my way I’ll spend my last days there.

Lastly I love what I do. I spent almost 10 years in corporate America between a law firm and a commercial bank, and while both were very lucrative positions, both were also very taxing on my soul, so in summer of 2016 I decided to make Rocksalt Metalworks a reality. These days I’m busy as ever sculpting unique and interesting items for my clients. Have a look at my Gallery, or if you’d like to see a mix of my work, and my life, have a look at my Instagram or Facebook pages.